YANMAR America Introduces Gas Heat Pump for U.S. Market

YANMAR America Introduces Gas Heat Pump for U.S. Market


YANMAR America is proud to introduce its Gas Heat Pump (GHP) Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems for heating and cooling. Having served as a preferred alternative to electric heat pumps (EHP) worldwide for 29 years, this technology is now poised to deliver low operating costs, reduced CO2 emissions and reduced electricity usage to office buildings, healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants, multi-unit housing, educational facilities and other commercial applications in the U.S. 

YANMAR’s GHP system works similar to other heat pumps; the compressor moves refrigerant (environmentally safe HFC) into the unit. During cold weather, the refrigerant captures the heat in the outdoor air to bring it inside, and during warm weather, the system captures the heat inside the building and transfers it outside. Customers can also choose a heat recovery model, which allows for heating and cooling in different zones at the same time. 

Because the outdoor unit is powered by a natural gas engine, the system consumes around 90 percent less electricity than a similar electric condenser, and reduces overall operating costs by 30 to 70 percent. 

In addition to a line of 8, 10, 12, 14 and 14 heat recovery rated ton outdoor units, YANMAR also proudly partners with Daikin, an industry leader in HVAC technology, to offer a complete line of indoor fan coil units and controls. Together, this combined solution offers zoning flexibility and comfort control for almost any application. 

This product line will be available for U.S. purchase beginning June 2016. To learn more, please visit www.yanmar-es.com/products/ghp

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