T-80 Comfort Cab Edition

Through its low compaction, outstanding mobility, easy operation, simple maintenance and lots of field-oriented features, Yanmar’s T80 Comfort Cab Edition (CCE) rubber-track crawler brings new and innovative benefits to vineyard and orchard management that far outshine conventional tractors.


YANMAR® T80 is State-of-the-Art Technology and a first of its kind Rubber Track Agricultural Crawler Tractor. The YANMAR® T80 Track Tractor is designed for heavy agricultural use in Vineyards, Orchards, Nurseries, Berries, Landscaping, and many other unique applications where a standard utility tractor is needed with low compaction and high flotation. 

The YANMAR® T80 Track Tractor can tread lightly year round and features FDS steering using a steering wheel for easy operation unlike other small crawlers who use levers; Rubber Tracks to minimize compaction, limit wear to only the track, operator comfort, and road ability; A standard cat II three point hitch; gear driven PTO; 79 Horsepower; three spool hydraulic valves; and great Parts and Service Support from Yanmar America Corporation located in Adairsville, GA.


Steering Wheel Control
Yanmar FDS provides speed sensitive control.
Trck Circle Steering
Feature Image
Basic Idea

The Yanmar FDS steering is based on the combination of the Planetary Gear System and a Hydraulic Pump and Motor.

Feature Image
Planetary Gear System

1. Planetary Gear System: The Outer Gear is fixed and the Sun Gear drives the Planetary Gears at a constant ratio. Because the Outer Gear is driven by independent power, the revolution of the Planetary Gears around the Sun Gear axis will accelerate if the independent power is decelerated.

Feature Image
Steering Control through Planetary Gear System

2. Application to steering control: The T-80 engine power is delivered directly through the mechanical gears in the transmission driving the Sun Gears. The Hydraulic motor, infinitely controlled by the steering wheel, drives the Outer Gear. Since the hydraulic pump that actuates the steering is driven by the transmission, the steering sensitivity varies according to the tractor speed selected.

Power Train
Yanmar Diesel Power

4 speeds X 3 ranges mechanical transmission with hydraulic shuttle

Independent Gear Driven PTO
(Hydraulically engaged)

Hydraulic System
Open center hydraulic system:12.5 gal/min capacity

Lift Capacity
4400 lbs (@OECD frame)

Other Features
Cleaner Gas Tank

Fuel Tank Capacity
38 gal.


Driver's Station
Comfortable Flat Deck

Rubber Tracks

Sectional sprocket


Engine Net Horsepower @2600 RPM
78 HP (58 kw)
PTO Horsepower @2600 RPM
66 HP (50 kw)
Engine Type
4 - Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel Engine
Engine Model
Engine Displacement
203 cu.in. (3.3 L)
Fuel Capacity
38 US gal. (146 L)
Transmission Type
Collar Shift with Hydraulic Shuttle
Transmission Speed
Transmission Max. Travel Speed
10 mph (16 km/h)
Wet Multi-Disk
Steering System
FDS (Forced Differential Steering)
Power Takeoff Type
Fully Independent
Power Takeoff Speed
540 RPM
Hydraulic Type
Open-Center Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Implement Pump
12.6 GPM (48 Lpm)
Rear 3-Point Hitch Category
Rear 3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity @ OECD Frame
4400 lb. (2000 kg)
Track Type
Rubber (with embedded metal core and wires)
Track Width (Narrow)
11 (280)
Track Width (Standard)
18 (450)
Overall Length
146 in. (3715 mm)
Overall Width (Narrow)
52 in. (1310 mm)
Overall Width (Standard)
65 in. (1650 mm)
Overall Height (Narrow)
97 in. (2460 mm)
Overall Height (Standard)
96.5 in. (2445 mm)
Tractor Weight (Narrow)
7055 lb. (3200 kg)
Tractor Weight (Standard)
7407 lb. (3360 kg)
Ground Pressure (Narrow)
4.9 psi (0.034 MPa)
Ground Pressure (Standard)
3.2 psi (0.022 MPa)


1. How is the steering controlled on the tractor?

Yanmar FDS (Forced Differential Steering) delivers steering control through a steering wheel that is virtually the same as conventional wheeled tractors. This technology increases control and accuracy allowing the operator to spend more time focused on  the performance of the implement.

2. Can I test out the tractor?

Our dealers are more than happy to provide a demonstration and test drive opportunity for you to make sure our product is exactly what you need. Please contact your nearest dealer to set up an appointment.

3. How long is the warranty? What does it cover?

2 years or 2000 hours, whichever comes first.  The warranty provides full coverage excluding wearable parts.

4. Where can I find a Yanmar dealer?

Yanmar Agricultural tractor dealers can be found with our dealer locator. We carefully choose our dealers to ensure they have the  highest quality service and staff. If you cannot find a dealer in your area, don’t hesitate to contact us from the "contact" section.

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