The history of Compact excavators is synonymous with YANMAR's excavator history. Since YANMAR introduced the first compact excavator to the market in 1971, YANMAR has always taken the lead in the industry.

The durability, reliability, versatility, innovation, environmentally friendly and greater cost-effective operation come from more fuel-efficient engines coupled with design matched hydraulics which are highly recognized worldwide.

Take a look at these advantages and compare our excavators to other competitors with our series of videos below:





We now have 10 models ranging from 2,348 lbs through 21,550 lbs.

Vi O45 Composite
ViO Series

The "VIO" name means True Zero Tail Swing.

In 1993, YANMAR launched the world's first ZERO TAIL Swing excavator and is currently marketing the 6th generation model.

The "VIO" development objective of turning within the machine width has been successfully achieved, while still maintaining the stability and work performance of a conventional style unit. We have 7 models in the "VIO" series ranging from 3,836 lbs through 18,136 lbs.

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Sv100 Composite
SV Series

The "SV" means Ultra-Tight Turning.

The turning radius in both front and rear is very minimal. This smooth, tight turning radius adds versatility on a tight work site.

We now have 2  models in the "SV" series, with the smallest model, SV08-1A (2,348lbs) and the largest model, SV100-2 (21,550lbs).

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